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Donations from Generous Nerds™ and our brilliant volunteers mean cost doesn’t have to be a barrier to a career in STEM


We understand learners have lots going on and we have allowed for flexibility and customized approaches


The Sequence™ stacks information sequentially, so each idea motivates the next, inspiring and empowering our learners

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We believe that every student who shows interest deserves access to these materials and with your help, they will get them.

Founder Aaron Hillegass gives a primer on the mission, goals, and vision of The Kontinua Foundation in this video.

The Sequence


Linear algebra, vector calculus, probability, and statistics

Computer Science

Python programming,
basic algorithms, and
data structures

Data Science

Basic statistics and
machine learning


University-level physics and some chemistry

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Latest News

Our first intern: David Nezelek

Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to hire our first intern; This summer David Nezelek will be helping me complete the first draft of the textbook. David Nezelek taught mathematics and statistics at the college and high school levels for over fifteen years.

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